Compliance and Internal Investigations Compliance and internal investigations

Our clients can rely on our expertise in handling sensitive matters relating to compliance, risk management, and internal investigations. We provide a broad range of services in this field, including the development of tailored compliance policies and overseeing investigations into external and internal fraud.

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  • GOAL

    Our goal is to guide our clients through the pitfalls of Ukrainian regulatory requirements and sanctions regime so to avoid liability of corporations and management.


    Thanks to our solid experience in white-collar crime and administrative litigation, we ensure timely assessment and mitigation of potential risks coming from regulatory and law enforcement authorities.

  • CFE

    In addition, we have on board the practitioners with special training and internationally-regarded credentials in prevention, tackling, and investigating the occasions of fraud (Certified Fraud Examiners).

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Key Contact
Kostiantyn Likarchuk
Senior Partner
Kostiantyn Likarchuk is a Senior Partner of AVELLUM and Head of International Arbitration practice.
Key experience

Key experience

Tax fraud compliance and legal analysis of possible Ukrainian law implications of the UK Criminal Finances Act 2017
Iron ore company with assets in Ukraine
Internal investigation on potential corruption in Ukrainian subsidiary
Spanish manufacturing company
Сompliance investigation on transfer pricing and customs valuation of spare parts and test materials sent to the Ukrainian subsidiary
Diversified company that provides a broad range of high-technology products
Internal investigation on allegations of bribery and corruption
Large private equity fund
Internal investigation on potential corruption in the customs clearance proceedings in Ukraine
Large US manufacturer
Complex dispute with a group of external fraudsters
International IT company
Representing client in a set of cross-border criminal investigations into the alleged money laundering
Private client
Representing client in criminal investigation of the alleged tax evasion
International biopharma company
Drafted membership policy of UNIC and assisted with drafting the policy to protect UNIC's IP rights
Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance
Investigation into insider and external fraud perpetrated against a local company
NYSE-listed company
Advice on the EU sanctions regime and mitigation of risks
Private client
Advice on compliance of sponsorship arrangements with anticorruption law
Iron ore company with assets in Ukraine
Cross-border investigation into embezzlement of USD1,2 mln and asset recovery action
Committee of bondholders
Legal support of forensic discovery of a gadget containing commercial information
US company
Advice on gambling and betting compliance regime
Japanese financial company
Complex advice on AML law, anticorruption regulation, and whistleblowers protection
EU company
Advice on the applicability of PEP status to Board member
Ukrainian oil and natural gas extracting company


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Our Team

Our Team

Mykola Stetsenko
Managing Partner
Vadim Medvedev
Mykyta Nota
Andriy Fortunenko
Lyudmyla Volkova