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We assisted our clients with acquisition of personal assets, such as foreign high-end real estate, investment instruments, antique items and pieces of art, yachts, and aircrafts. Moreover, we advise international individuals, their trustees, and other advisers on the establishment and administration of asset holding structures for their wealth, and on the increasingly complex cross border tax issues and reporting requirements that affect them.

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Key Contact
Mykola Stetsenko
Managing Partner
Mykola Stetsenko is the Managing Partner of AVELLUM with the primary focus on corporate/M&A, competition, real estate, and tax.
Key experience

Key experience

Advice to the client relocating to the US on avoidance of double taxation
Legal Advisor to a high net wealth individual
Settlement of Prime Assets Capital trust and transfer of Roshen Group
Legal Advisor to Roshen
Assistance with legal matters related to the acquisition of real estate in Spain
Legal Advisor to a high net worth individual
Setting up charities and foundations to fund Crimean Tatar development and support projects
Legal Advisor
Full-scope legal support in multi-jurisdictional inheritance process
Legal Advisor to heirs
Supporting the client in course of personal income tax audit
Legal Advisor to a high net worth individual
Advice on immigration to the US
Legal Advisor to a high net wealth individual


Brilliant and precise advice. 
The ‘honest, trustworthy and diligent’. 
Our Team

Our Team

Vadim Medvedev
Anton Zaderyholova
Oles Bidnoshyia