Defence and Miltech

At AVELLUM, we recognise the critical role of the defence and technology sectors in promoting and strengthening Ukraine’s national security.

We are committed to helping early-stage miltech start-ups and large defence companies alike with all critical aspects of their work. Our experience includes working with companies that are developing such technologies or products as aircraft engines, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced electronic warfare systems, as well as navigation and AI systems.

Our attorneys are also actively involved in various initiatives to improve and streamline defence regulations.

End-to-End Support for Ukrainian Companies

We guide Ukrainian miltech companies through every stage of their existence, from the initial phases of incorporation and technology development to navigating complex procurement regulations.

We help Ukrainian miltech companies prepare for future funding rounds, including setting up a proper corporate structure, documenting critical business aspects, and formalising IP rights.

We further guide national miltech companies through the negotiations with potential investors and the closing of investment rounds.

Facilitating Presence in Ukraine for Military Tech Companies

We offer comprehensive support for foreign defence companies seeking to establish a business presence in Ukraine. We provide easy-to-understand guidance on the Ukrainian market and assist in negotiating and documenting partnerships, establishing joint ventures, or making strategic acquisitions.

Regulatory advice

We provide regulatory advice on various aspects of defence regulation in Ukraine. Our services include advice on export controls, technology licencing, cross-border transfers of military and dual-use goods, and guidance on defence procurement.

Our clients benefit from the collective expertise of our cross-practice team, which includes professionals in M&A, Government Relations, Tax, and Intellectual Property. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic understanding of our clients’ needs and provides tailored solutions for their businesses.

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We have completed dozens of projects of varying complexity. Thus, whatever help you may need, we may guide through complexities of Ukraine's conservative labour laws.


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