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Today the long-awaited Law of Ukraine “On amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts to improve the governance of land relations and their deregulation” No. 1423-IX (“Law”) entered into force (save for certain provisions).

The Law aims to boost the capabilities of local authorities (“Municipalities”) by granting them ownership rights to state-owned lands located outside villages and towns (“Rural Areas”). As a result, the Municipalities will manage the Rural Areas instead of the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre and other state authorities.

According to the Law, the Municipalities will become owners of the Rural Areas either:

  1. by registering their ownership rights with the State Register of Proprietary Rights to Immovable Property (“Real Estate Register”) if it already contains information on the Rural Areas; or
  2. automatically if the Real Estate Register does not contain information on the Rural Areas.

There will be no need for the Rural Areas’ users to amend their agreements due to the change of the landlord.

Additionally, the Law:

  1. allows emphyteuta (a user under emphyteusis agreement) to lease out the land plot without the landlord’s permission
  2. allows tenants of privately owned agricultural land plots to sell their lease rights without the landlord’s permission
  3. allows users of privately owned agricultural lands plots to pledge their land use rights to any third parties
  4. sets the detailed foreclosure procedure on the pledged land use rights
  5. allows owners of the buildings located within the coastal protection zones to reconstruct them
  6. introduces the rankings of pre-emptive right to purchase agricultural land plots

We believe that the Law will boost the Municipalities and enable agricultural land users to raise additional funding for their business. AVELLUM is ready to guide the clients through the novelties of the Law in order for them to make the most of new opportunities.

Additional notes

For further information on the topic please contact Maksym Maksymenko, Partner, or by telephone at +380 44 591-3355 or via e-mail.

Posted on May 27, 2021

AVELLUM successful for the client before the High Anticorruption Court

AVELLUM defended the client, a Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the 9th convocation, being also a Lieutenant General of Ukrainian Armed Forces, in the criminal case heard by the High Anticorruption Court

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FATF suspended russia’s membership

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